Angel Wings All OVer
Thistedown Press 1994 ISBN 1-895449-24-3
Art: Miranda Jones
Awkward Angel Blessings

It works this way, the awkward ones, their
great angel wings    sweeping, move grace; like
sand in the air it sticks to your teeth, lodges
on your lips, you find it crusted in hollows
coating your skin    glaze of thin white icing
on a cake, so sweet; they know not what they do
these angels, bumping into one another
trying to be graceful, like the ones who bring messages
trumpet the Lord

awkward angels leave havoc in their wake
fly over wounds anything that's open they're
always joking turning cartwheels
jostling they scatter one another's hearts

full of grace.

“Campbell’s poetry is both subtle and poignant as it captures essences of life and surprisingly erotic when it explores the nature of love. Her latest collection is both refreshing and rewarding.”

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“These poems are gentle, thoughtful, musically spaced, yet often passionate.”

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