The Fabric Of Day
Thistledown Press, 2017 
ISBN: 9781771811303
Cover Photo: Don Hall


The Body is God’s Position

                    Night time

             and my body      waits

        for day   and  small garden worms

reach up from earth    to hot

      hot sun,     and trees overhang my garden

        watching   from my kitchen window

inside and out  my flesh  alive  to this least

                  God’s position

The Fabric of Day, from Thistledown Press, embodies the complexity of a prairie persona grounded in the wonder of the prairie landscape. The subject matter is both as old as time and as contemporary as a Facebook post, except that the language employed is as beautiful as it is impactful.

2018, Sask Book Awards, The Fabric of Day, new and selected poems  nominated for the Poetry award and the City of Regina Award