No Memory-move
Longspoon Press, 1983 
ISBN 0-919285-19-8
Art: Arthur F. McKay
No Memory of a Move

St. Joseph's School

in Saskatoon       (when I was 4 or 5)

is now 

a school of Native Survival

out for a ride 

old black car         then        only  

partly filled (3 of 7    kids still to come) 

it was    touchstone 

warm red     brick 

a place     she always said 
where you will go   then 

there is an absence

we are somewhere     else and I am in

another school

what is this

constant memory      what metaphor is here

over it again        and again

the bare elements


a child    in black

car    passing

school   mother saying

the words     an interruption

memory of an absence

no memory of a move

“… the scent of pine creates a vivid sense of prairie, where pleasure and pain are constantly at war…Campbell achieves it with a skill noteworthy for its ease.”

CVII 8/1

“her technical means are definitely unusual as well as unusually effective…entertaining volume that I read with great pleasure.”

Queen’s Quarterly