Red Earth, Yellow Stone
Thistledown Press, 1989 
ISBN 0-920633-63-3
Art: Gertrude Maartense

Lying here in these soft hills, bronze grass filling me with colour, a pale yellow stone calls me to name, beginning. Comes to me the word: decide. De is beginning, a prefix from latin meaning undo. Cide, on the other hand, sets me back. It is a suffix, an ending. In both latin and french, means caedere. Killer, slaughterer of ox. Cutter of stone.

Cutter of stone: is a beginning, possibility of mind. Decide is to undo a cutting, sew up a stone. To undo killing is to give living. Decide is a word filled with undoing, slaughter, killing and living.

“… time appears to be so still that an eternity might be encased between words dropped onto the page as if they landed there accidentally… there is a woman talking, yet also a refined lyric…a spiritual search for transcendence of a sort, peace of mind, a cessation of metaphysical storm.  RED EARTH, YELLOW STONE is not a book to be read quickly …”

Canadian Literature