Hagios Press 2009 ISBN 978-1-926710-01-3
Hagios Press 2009
ISBN 978-1-926710-01-3
Art: John Noesthedan
after St. Peter's Abbey 

Walking  early morning across the monastery yard
    air   breathing   breeze
      ruffling  dark  poplar trees  already

      I've walked our country road,
      eaten eggs coddled for breakfast,
found a monk who's found a tape recorder,
      my new song waiting to be sung,

     "Light works as an annointing material,
     works its way, works its way into my body..."

           the day barely begun   but alive I hear
leaves     almost name
  the feeling  on my face  they are trying
   to say: listen, you are happy. This rustle I take to mean

Trees do not let you down,   oh their leaves bend,   and
    daily    they shake out their grief,   but
only the rarest tornado can fell one, pruned well they withstand
    trees I think of as answers,   love
       in   solitary monastery   air

Like the poems of Emily Dickinson, who haunts this collection, Campbell writes in an epistolary style that belies the depth of thinking that is engaged. The poems vibrate between human breath and earthly spirit. Nothing is insignificant.

Kristjana Gunners